Why Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles won’t save Call of Duty

It’s been almost two weeks since COD: Ghosts has been released. More than enough time to play around with it and see if it’s an improved Black ops II. Suffice to say, it’s not. Still plagued by all the problems every single Call of Duty game before it has had (going back to but not including Cod 4: MW). Terrible spawning, hit box issues, muddy graphics, glitches, you name it, Ghosts (and most other COD games) has it. What was laughable was that Infinity Ward originally claimed that they developed a new graphics engine for Ghosts, but later confirmed that it is merely a heavily upgraded engine from Black Ops II (which is originally based on the Quake III engine, not the greatest for today’s twitch shooters). (more…)

Looking for an iPod Touch alternative? Try a Lumia 520!

If you’re like me, then you’ve been wanting to get away from using iTunes for a while now. It’s bloated, unintuitive, and terrible at managing music, especially in a dynamic environment (moving your iTunes library, etc). As far as the iPod Touch goes, well, with iOS7 Apple butchered the much beloved Music app to what now results into a scroll-fest for anyone with a decently sized music collection. Luckily there is an alternative, if you’re willing to make some compromises. (more…)

Microsoft Store West Edmonton Mall Grand Opening – October 26, 2013

I had a chance to attend the grand opening for the new Microsoft Store at West Edmonton Mall here in Edmonton. It is currently the only Microsoft retail store in Alberta, and they kicked it off with a bang! Country singer Dierks Bentley did a special show at West Edmonton Mall specifically for those who showed up at the store opening (oddly enough, Microsoft chose a non-local, non-Canadian artist for this). The first 200 to show up got a special VIP meet and greet pass, while the next 1100 were rewarded with a ticket for them and a friend to attend the show, which was at the Ice Palace right next to the Microsoft Store. That aside, the opening was BUSY¬† (more…)

11 Months With My Surface RT


So It’s been about 11 months since I purchased my 32GB Surface RT. I bought it the day after launch day after testing one out at a Microsoft kiosk. Previous to that day, I was not sold on the concept. In fact I was against it. A Windows tablet that couldn’t run win32 programs? How could such a thing succeed? I believed in Windows 8, but didn’t believe that a non x86 Windows device could be usable. At that time the Windows Store was fairly barren, and what apps that populated seemed like demos. Yes, as I played with the Surface RT at the kiosk, I felt a strange attraction to it. It was light, had decent keyboard (type Cover) that doubled as a cover, and a very usable kickstand that would make it much more versatile compared other tablets. After about 20 minutes playing with it and studying every inch of it I decided to buy one. Going in, my use case was this: a consumption device for at home, and a note taking device that I could also use to RDP to various systems at work. As a systems administrator, the built in Windows tools (RDP, PowerShell, etc.) were invaluable. So how has my last 11 months been using my Surface RT?


Pre-orders for Xbox One Accessories now live at the Microsoft Store



Pre-orders for the Xbox One wireless controller, Play and Charge Kit, Headset, and Xbox Live membership can now be pre-ordered from the Microsoft Store. If you’re expecting them to reasonably priced, think again. The controller is priced the same as the Xbox 360 wireless controller, though the headset this time around is a bit cheaper, but both were unreasonably priced to begin with considering the build quality. Pretty much anyone who is planning on doing some online gaming with the Xbox One will be picking up a headset as Microsoft made the asinine decision to not include it with the Xbox One (as opposed to Sony including a headset with the PS4). Microsoft’s vision of the future of online gaming is everyone talking to their TV’s via Kinect, which is, well, incredibly ignorant of them. Head on over to the Microsoft Online Store via the link below to pre-order the headset (since I know you’ll be picking one up anyways).


Source: Microsoft Store